Sitar workshop in Pune in Feb. 2013

Review with Photos – pdf

Review of 4 Day Sitar Workshop from – 24th Feb. to 27th Feb. 2013 -Pune


‘A Sitar in every willing hand’ sitar workshop took place in Pune, India to fulfill the wish of Pandit Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh. He had a wish to teach sitar to many, from young children to mature aged people. Although he is no longer with us, his spirit is always with us. We want to continue to promote the beauty of the sound of sitar to many people. For this purpose Dr. Ragini Trivedi designed the course. It was fortunate that she, and her disciple, Dr. Santosh Pathak, came to Pune again. It was the third time that Dr Trivedi came all the way from Indore to teach sitar in Amruta, Pune, and it was the second time Dr. Pathak came from Jaipur to teach in Amruta. Two local teachers, Ms. Smita Tanshikar and Ms. Urmila Apte taught the beginners class. Seven students from beginners to advance attended this workshop.


First day

24th Feb. Sunday

Sitar workshop started with an introduction by Dr. Ragini Trivedi.


Dr. Trivedi explained Raga Bilawal for advanced students.

Video of the explanation of Raga Bilawal

After Dr. Trivedi’s lesson, Dr. Santosh Pathak started beginner’s class.

He explained how to hold a sitar and how to pluck strings for beginners who touched a sitar for the first time.

Video of explanation of how to hold a sitar

Dr. Pathak showed very gently and precisely so that beginners could follow.


Again Dr. Trivedi taught us. She played a few alankars for advanced students and she showed how to develop those alankars and improvise them. She demonstrated how to play alankars in several ways, in fast tempo, and other variations. It was amazing that it sounded more beautiful when she played in fast tempo and when she played them in slightly different combinations, although it looked easy to play the same alankar in slow tempo.


Video of explanation of alankar

And she taught some tans of Raga Desh.

Then she played a composition on sitar which Dr. Lalmani Misra, her father, and a great musician, played on Vichitra Veena.

Video of explanation of Gat, Meera Bhaai’s malhar

Dr. Trivedi taught kampan, a meend technique which changes the note slightly by pulling a string.

Second day

25th Feb. Monday

Dr. Trivedi taught us 3 tans of Raga Yaman. Those 2 tans are very simple but very difficult to play in fast tempo. She taught us that it is essential to use the middle finger to play the fast tempo.

She also taught us Phenk-ki-Tan (Tan of flight or throw), which is typical of Maihar players. She showed how to play it in Misrabani style and then explained the difference. We were then taught a composition of Raga Pilu.


Video of exercise of Tans


In the afternoon, Ms. Smita taught beginners. She is a disciple of Dr. Trivedi. She showed how to play sa re ga.


Third day

26th Feb. Tuesday

In the morning Ms. Smita taught beginners and we practiced a composition of Raga Pilu and some alankars, which Dr. Trivedi taught us this time. As it was so interesting that we could practice together, time passed quickly.

In the afternoon Ms. Urmila taught us. We practiced some alankars and a composition of Raga Pilu under her guidance.

Last day

27th Feb. Wednesday

Like yesterday Ms. Smita taught students and we reviewed alankars and a composition which Dr. Trivedi taught us.


In the afternoon a Certificate of Attendance was presented to students. A total of seven students attended this workshop. 




From next week, the first week in March, regular sitar classes will be held at Amruta.


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