(1)Music conversant with God

The Newspaper of Bangalore Concert                                 

After the concert held on September 3rd, 2007, Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh replied to a reporter from the press the following comments:

Reporter: “What would you play for the special concert and what makes audiences to be captivated by your music? How do you plan what to play before your performance?”


Dr. Chandrakant: “Well I don’t plan anything. I just simply play. It just comes through me. I feel the blessings of God and my father inside me. I completely control myself. That is true. The one who can control the self can control all the surroundings. This is my advice to all.”


“Once I had an opportunity to ask Swami Asanga, who is a disciple of Osho (a world famous meditation guru): “How to receive and allow a blessing of God to flow through oneself?” Then Swami Asanga told me: “Be like a tube. If you pour water on to the floor, water would flow all over. But if there is a hole, water would flow into it. Likewise, if you become like a tube, the blessing of God would flow into you.” After this conversation, I have searched the answer to this, “to be like a tube”, and found it is actually true.”.


Blissful expression at the concert

Many of Dr. Chandrakant’s audiences were aware of his blissful expression during his sitar performances. Even his music Guru Ravi Shankar wrote in a letter how he was amazed by his childhood performance listening to him for the first time. The letter said: “I was amazed to hear Chandrakant Prabhakar Sardeshmukh (who is barely 8 years old) play the sitar with such confidence!” His elder sister told me that Guru Ravi Shankar lost his words and became silent just by listening to the first 5 minutes.

I believe that he must have been like a tube since he was a child. He must have already been free from all negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy, attachment, fear, and rivalry so that the blessings of God and his father could flow through him. People who have met him always say that his blissful smile is unforgettable.

Therefore I title this blog, “Divine Smile – Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh” to introduce Dr. Chandrakant and share our experience of him. I will try to write about it from now on.



Michiko Yamagishi

  1. Brian Shields on Ya know Jeff it is a pretty bad feinleg being all grown up now and start watching all of our musical heroes starting to all one by one make that journey to Rock & Roll Heaven. But I think that when my time comes I will have one helluva band to greet me at the Pearly Gates.A few others from 2012 include :Jon Lord June 9, 1941 July 16, 2012 Jim Marshall July 29, 1923 April 5, 2012 The man who defined the sound we have today in Marshall ampsMichael Hossack October 17, 1946 March 12, 2012 Drummer for The Doobie BrothersSteve Paul April 28, 1941 October 21, 2012 the man who owned the infamous NYC club The Scene where many got their startEd Cassidy May 4, 1923 December 6, 2012 Drummer and one of the founders of the band SpiritMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you Jeff and all of your readers/listeners. Always enjoy every precious moment of life!! Keep On, Keepin’ On!!Cheers,Brian

  2. Alakazaam-information found, problem solved, thanks!

  3. Mark6 avril 2013Cheers for passive-aggressively iunslting one of the greatest living guitarists and more than half of humanity with your tasteless comment. Your comment seems quite judgementa. Consider that these so-called primitive Eastern folk have meditated and passed down their experiences for thousands of years..but what would they know. You seem to really not understand that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I will pray for both of us, as we are all reflections of one another


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